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PronXcalcio Gold is a software for study and analysis of football matches
PronXcalcio Gold is able to make highly trusted predictions and calculate probability percentage technically flawless.
As the championships proceed and an increasing number of data populates the archives, the software functions, fueled by the lifeblood of the results, they become more and more effective, the values are refined, the balance of power between the teams within each league are defined.
PronXcalcio Gold like a bloodhound, improves its ability to sniff out and find the most likely outcome of the teams that compete in any league.
The "learningprocess of PronXcalcio Gold starts from the very first matches.
After 5, 6 game rounds, PronXcalcio Gold is able to show its full efficiency. Whenever a new result is added to the archive, all the calculation parameters are processed, compared and adapted to new league situations, to make future assessments more accurate.
At each match the form of the teams is constantly monitored and evaluated and the value that expresses it is indicated by the acronym VF (Value of Form).
VF is the most representative element, time-variable that quantifies the greater or lesser capacity of each team to get a result at a precise moment in the league.

The intention of its creator, Gold PronXcalcio not want to be considered a manufacturer of predictions, or worse, an infallible machine to make money by betting, but an analysis tool available to anyone who wants to learn, know and be constantly updated on situation in each league.

Pronxcalcio Gold is addressed as well as normal users and football fans, even the technicians and those involved in the sports world who wish to insights and data for use in professional and technical.

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