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Check out five rules for proper use pronxcalcio
At first startup do the following:

1) Download DATA

3) View predictions and analyzes single matches

  cinque rules to follow to properly use pronxcalcio:

After starting the program you need to follow these steps to have the opportunity to check, for those who wish it, the performance evaluations over time and have available all the processing.

  1. Update the data by clicking the "Update data"
    After this procedure will be updated: all leagues, calendars, statistics, new parameters of evaluation and calculation used by the program.
    The update of the data takes a few moments and is a good rule to do it each time you start the program.

  2. Update also matches by clicking the "Update data" and download the scheduled matches available, even those already downloaded because there may be additions or changes.

  3. Open all the desired scheduled matches for the first processing. Matches in the schedule are loaded in the main grid immediately and processed with the parameters calculated on the date of the match. By clicking on processing "Standard" or "live" matches are processed with the parameters of the last update carried out.

  4. Save the first processing with all matches loaded to verify and analyze them further.
    This step is very important if you want to analyze the accuracy of the calculations after the games were held.

  5. At this point after football matches we have been processed and saved you can proceed to the analysis and selection of the most interesting matches, save, print etc.
    The analysis phase is crucial to make the choice of the meetings and it is recommended to take into account the values ​​of the form indicated by the initials VF that express the strength and condition of the form teams for home and away matches.
    The values of the Form (VF) are calculated with the "Methodology of AgaryMathematics" that allows to translate into numbers the greater or lesser capacity of an athlete or group of athletes on the team to make a "sports work" that aimed to obtain the best result.
    The values of the form can be applied not only in sports but also in many fields of human activity and scientific, and may have to reduce in numbers understandable to man.
    The VF can afford through the analysis of their tendency to identify and anticipate the subsequent structure of any system placed under observation.
Integrated Live Score

Live Score di
PronXcalcio Gold
Live Score di PronXcalcio Gold

Live Scores integrated in PronXcalcio Gold allows you to view football matches in real time:

  • You can open prediction from archive and verify the results directly on the live scores.
  • Loading a scheduled matches you can check the progress of each matche in real time.
  • You can select the leagues to be displayed in the live scores.
  • You can set a sound for the goals scored.
  • Clicking on each meeting shows the goals scored, the minute, tags, markers etc.

How to follow live the matches of the day:

  1. Open a date and load matches
  2. Click "Live Score"
  3. Click "Show only opened"

How to follow in real time only selected matches:

  1. Load matches from schedule or from archive and select you preferred odds (1 X 2 UN OV ecc.)
  2. Click "Live Score"
  3. Click "Show only selected"
    (L'esito delle proprie giocate sarà visibile sotto la colonna "scelta", di verde se l'esito è positivo o rosso se l'esito è negativo)

Processing type

STANDARD processing:

The standard evaluation of pronxcalcio that uses VF (Form Value) of each team and other specific and non-specific elements that result in so-called home-field advantage.
This type of processing is recommended for all league.

VF processing:

This processing is based principally on the Value Form of each team. VF, VFhome, VFaway combined in the correct mathematical relationship originate a picket signs lively and dynamic that results the power of each team.
VF is the value of power of the team, that value contributes fully to the processing of this prediction.
This processing is more suitable for international competitions, world cup, for all those matches that take place in a neutral venue and for the games where there is no an obvious home-field advantage such as derby matches.

note: alternating two type of processing you can highlight important changes to focus any surprises, fixed, and goals as possible.

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